Load Banks in Military

Resistor Application Scenarios

The military utilizes load banks to ensure the reliability and performance of power generation and distribution systems, minimizing the risk of power failures during critical operations. Load banks enable thorough testing, commissioning, and training, helping to identify and address potential issues proactively, thus enhancing overall operational readiness.

The main applications in Military as below:
1.Generator and Power Supply Testing.
2.Military Vehicle Power System Testing.
3.Aircraft Power Testing.
4.Communication Equipment Testing.
5.Battery Performance Assessment.
6.Training and Exercises.
7.Military Solar Panel Testing.
8.Emergency Backup Power Source.

Usages/Functions & Pictures for Resistors in Field

In summary, load banks have a wide range of applications in the military domain, providing crucial support for testing, maintenance, and backup power for various military power systems.
Here are some successful cases that ZENITHSUN provide load banks to China Army.

● Successfully designed and produced a high-power resistor integrated cabinet for the Chinese Navy aircraft carrier electromagnetic ejection test system (a confidential project)
● Successfully designed and produced an unmanned submarine power load system chopper resistor with anti-sonar function for tracking and searching enemy aircraft carriers and ship data and intelligence information (a confidential project, this resistor The product has applied for patent protection)
● Successfully designed and produced high current 3000A, insulation withstand voltage 150KV test load, used for facility testing of important military test engineering projects (a confidential project)
● Successfully designed and produced a number of experimental test resistive load boxes for the Chinese Navy's large ship defense systems (a confidential project)
● Successfully designed and produced a special water-cooled high-power test load for experimental testing of missile launch systems (a confidential project)
● Successfully designed and produced multiple high-precision, high-current intelligent control resistive load integrated cabinets for use in military airport ground facility monitoring systems (a confidential project)
● Successfully designed and produced a high-precision load box for testing and verifying the discharge function performance of high-power battery packs in naval systems (a confidential project)

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