New Energy Vehicles

Resistor Application Scenarios

★ Electric Vehicle Battery Pack
★ Battery Management System(BMS)
★ DC-DC converters, energy storage systems
★ Motors and Motor Drive Systems
★ Vehicle electronic control.

★ Air Blower
★ Lighting Systems
★ Car Tailgate
★ Automotive auxiliary industry - charging systems
★ Power Battery Short Circuit Test Load

Usages/Functions & Pictures for Resistors in Field

★ Battery pack: Pre-charging with capacitor, resistor work
★ Very short operating time, millisecond level
★ BMS system for high current detection with high current
★ Signal sampling resistor
★ Controller: DC for busbar discharge, also for short time use.
★ Automobile tail light: turn the headlight use, enhance the brightness
★ Tail plate of automobile: when the tail plate is put down for braking, it is also called discharge resistor.
★ Charging pile: generally DC 400-1000V. A few have AC, the current market situation must be with the charging socket.

New Energy Vehicles (1)
New Energy Vehicles (2)
New Energy Vehicles (3)
New Energy Vehicles (4)

Resistors suitable for such application

★ Aluminum Resistor Series
★ High Voltage Resistors Series
★ Wirewound Resistor Series (KN)
★ Cement Resistor Series
★ Plate Resistors

★ Shunt Resistor(FL)
★ Shunt(mV)
★ load Bank
★ Motorcycle Resistors
★ Color ring resistors
★ Automobile Resistors

Requirements for Resistor

Requirements for companies with automotive Automotive Quality System certification (IATF16949), and Aluminum housed resistors should be vibration, with wire harness plus connectors

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