New Energy Energy Storage

Resistor Application Scenarios

There are five main categories of common energy storage products: utility storage, diesel power generation storage, gasoline power generation storage, wind power generation storage, photovoltaic power generation storage.
Such as home storage / household storage (storage of photovoltaic power), outdoor portable energy storage, user-side industrial and commercial energy storage, mobile energy storage charging vehicles (like the former gas station), large-scale photovoltaic energy storage power station, large wind power storage power station, base station energy storage, peak shaving energy storage power station, and so on.
Energy storage equipment includes:

★ Lithium-ion batteries: used in electric vehicles, smart phones, laptops and other electronic devices.
★ Lead-acid batteries: used in automobiles, UPS and other applications.
★ Sodium-sulfur batteries: for grid energy storage, solar and wind energy storage, etc.
★ Vanadium flow batteries: used for grid energy storage, wind energy storage, etc.
★ Supercapacitor: used for instantaneous energy storage and discharge, such as starting and braking of electric vehicles.
★ Hydrogen fuel cells: used in automobiles, ships, airplanes and other means of transportation.
★ Compressed air energy storage: compressed air storage, used for grid energy storage.
★ Gravitational energy storage: using gravitational potential energy to store energy, such as reservoir power generation.
★ Thermal energy storage: using thermal energy to store energy, such as hot water storage system.
★ Power battery: used in electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, etc...

Usages/Functions & Pictures for Resistors in Field

Energy storage is the process of storing excess energy in the first place and then calling it back when it is needed. Its main roles are peaking, loading, and starting and relieving transmission blockages, and delaying transmission and distribution network upgrading of the transmission and distribution grids.

Since the power supply has to charge the capacitor at the beginning of power up, if it is not limited, the charging current will be too high. If it is not limited, excessive charging current will cause damage to relays, rectifiers and other components to be charged. If not limited, the charging current will be too large for the relay, rectifier and the capacitor to be charged. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the current with a resistor, which is the Pre-charging resistance (mostly used as capacitor pre-charging resistance). Effective protection of capacitors, insurance, DC contactors; Prevent the direct power on moment, charging current may be too large, instantaneous current may cause capacitor damage, also damage the DC contactor and also damage the DC contactor and other switching devices. The charging current may be too high at the moment of direct power-on.

The energy storage cabinet is composed of a large number of high energy density lithium batteries, series-parallel connection, and its DC voltage is very high, partly up to 1500 volts.

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Resistors suitable for such application

★ Aluminum Resistor Series
★ High Voltage Resistors Series
★ Cement Resistor Series

Resistors are usually called pre-charging resistors, charging resistors, discharging resistors, preventing resistors, and so on.

Requirements for Resistor

Short duration high impact, high energy.

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