Servo Motor

Resistor Application Scenarios

Definition: Renewable energy - wind power: refers to the conversion of the wind's kinetic energy into electricity. Energy into electricity is divided into onshore wind power and offshore wind power.

★ Drive, servo start-stop use.
★ Acceleration/deceleration device.

Usages/Functions & Pictures for Resistors in Field

The so-called regenerative braking resistor/regenerative resistor is In a system where the inverter is dragging a motor, when the servo motor is driven by generator mode, the power returns to the servo amplifier side, which is called regenerative power . Regenerative power is absorbed by charging the capacitors in the servo amplifier. After exceeding the amount of energy that can be charged, the regenerative power is consumed by a resistor.

Servo Motor (1)
Servo Motor (2)
Servo Motor (3)
Servo Motor (4)

Resistors suitable for such application

★ Aluminum Housed Resistors Series
★ Wirewound Resistor Series (DR)
★ Load Bank

Motors (1)
Motors (2)
Motors (3)
Motors (4)
Motors (5)
Motors (6)
Motors (7)
Motors (8)

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