Load Banks in Photovoltaic (PV) Inverters

Resistor Application Scenarios

Similar as the application in generators, load banks have some key applications in PV inverters.

1. Power Testing.
Load banks are used to conduct power testing of PV inverters to ensure their ability to effectively convert solar energy into AC power under varying irradiance conditions. This helps assess the actual output power of the inverter.

2. Load Stability Testing.
Load banks can be employed to test the stability of PV inverters under different load conditions. This includes evaluating the voltage and frequency stability of the inverter during load changes.

3. Current and Voltage Regulation Testing.
PV inverters need to provide stable output current and voltage under varying input conditions. The application of load banks allows testers to assess the inverter's ability to regulate current and voltage, ensuring it meets operational requirements.

4. Short circuit Protection Testing.
Load banks can be used to test the short circuit protection functionality of PV inverters. By simulating short circuit conditions, it can be verified whether the inverter can rapidly disconnect the circuit to protect the system from potential damage.

5. Maintenance Testing.
Load banks play a crucial role in maintenance testing of PV inverters. By simulating actual load conditions, they help detect potential issues and facilitate preventive maintenance.

6. Simulating Real-world Conditions.
Load banks can simulate load variations that PV inverters may encounter in real-world applications, providing a more realistic testing environment to ensure the inverter operates stably under various conditions.

7. Efficiency Assessment.
By connecting a load bank, it is possible to simulate different load conditions, allowing for an assessment of the inverter's efficiency. This is crucial for understanding the energy efficiency of the inverter in real-world applications.

Due to the input side of PV inverters is typically connected to a DC power source, such as a photovoltaic array, producing direct current (DC), AC Load Bank is not suitable for PV inverters, it is more common to use DC Load Banks for PV Inverters.

ZENITHSUN can provide DC load banks with 3kW to 5MW, 0.1A to 15KA, and 1VDC to 10KV, can meet user’s different requirements.

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