Load Banks in Power Batteries Short-Circuit Testing

Resistor Application Scenarios

Power battery short circuit test is a test method to evaluate the safety and performance of the battery system under short circuit conditions. This test is designed to simulate short circuit conditions that the battery system may face to ensure that the battery can operate safely and reliably under such abnormal conditions.

Resistive Load Bank is crucial in power battery short-circuit testing for several key reasons.

Resistive Load banks are primarily employed to simulate short-circuit conditions that a battery system may encounter, allowing for the evaluation of the system’s performance under such abnormal situations.

The specific applications of resistance load in power battery short-circuit testing include:
1. Simulating Short-Circuit Current
2. Controlling Short-Circuit Current
3. Monitoring Current and Voltage
4. Assessing Battery Response
5. Load Control
6. Safety Testing

Usages/Functions & Pictures for Resistors in Field

Resistive load bank is a vital tool that allows engineers to evaluate the performance of the battery system under controlled conditions, ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations. This type of testing is a critical step in the development and certification of battery systems, contributing to improved safety and reliability of battery technology.

ZENITHSUN provided a lot of resistive load banks which is used for power battery short circuit test, the ohmic value is low to 1 milli-ohm, and the current up to 50KA. And our engineers design the load banks according to user’s testing needs, what make our load banks is the most suitable solution for user’s application.

ZENITHSUN successfully designed and produced a number of 1KA-25KA ultra-large current multi-terminal adjustable short-circuit test load boxes, which are mainly used for power battery short-circuit testing, ultra-high-power battery pack discharge testing, new energy charging pile testing and other occasions. This series of products is the most competitive new product to replace similar foreign products. It has been used by many well-known domestic and foreign customers such as German TUV, CATL, Guoxuan, etc. (has applied for multiple patent protections).

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