New Energy Wind

Resistor Application Scenarios

Definition: Renewable energy - wind power: refers to the conversion of the wind's kinetic energy into electricity. Energy into electricity is divided into onshore wind power and offshore wind power.

Occasions for use:
★ Wind power storage battery/energy storage system.
★ Pitch (servo drive) system.
★ Wind turbines.
★ Electronic control system, reactive power compensation device.
★ Hydraulic system.
★ Lightning protection device.
★ Inverter (DC/AC)/DC-DC converter.
★ Transformer.
★ Fans loading.

Usages/Functions & Pictures for Resistors in Field

Wind turbine pitch system, wind turbine electronic control system and converter, small and medium-sized wind turbines (including grid-connected/off-grid type): apply in wind power generation Inverter Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) technology for wind turbines. It is used on the rotor side of the wind turbine to bypass the rotor side converter. When a low voltage disturbance occurs in the grid, it prevents the DC bus grid, it prevents the DC bus voltage from being too high and the rotor current from being too high. Mainly works in fault condition, damping stator magnetic chain. The resistor can dissipate large amounts of energy in an instant.

★ Energy storage pre-charging role.
★ Inverter/driver braking,brake function.
★ Drain, slow Power-Up.
★ Neutral grounding load (transformer, resistor working time is mostly 10s-30s, few is 60s).
★ Loop protection function (inverter DC/AC).
★ Generator test load.

New Energy Wind (1)
New Energy Wind (2)
New Energy Wind (3)
New Energy Wind (4)

Resistors suitable for such application

★ Aluminum Resistor Series
★ High Voltage Resistors Series
★ Wirewound Resistors Series (DR)
★ Cement Resistor Series
★ Load Bank
★ Stainless Steel Resistors

Wind Power (1)
Wind Power (2)
Wind Power (3)
Wind Power (4)
Wind Power (5)
Wind Power (6)
Wind Power (7)
Wind Power (8)

Requirements for Resistor

General use of aluminum cased resistors are continuously rotating, so resistor is required to be vibration-proof.

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